You never know when a disaster will strike, especially when you’re driving. It is possible to get stuck in the middle of nowhere because of a breakdown or to be blocked by a monster traffic jam in hostile weather conditions.

Water supply and Emergency bag

Water will always be at the top of the list of equipment to have by car, and this is even truer when you take the road in hot weather. Keep enough water in your car to survive for at least three days. As water takes up space, it’s up to you whether you prefer to calculate your load as accurately as possible or if you prefer to plan wide. Be careful, the trunk and the cabin of a vehicle heat up quickly and the water must be preserved from the sun’s rays and heat to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and viruses that would make you sick for sure. Store it in an opaque container metal flask, thermos, cooler, jerry can, etc. rather than in conventional bottles.

This video can explain it more:

Choose a sturdy and comfortable backpack or an easy-to-carry messenger bag so you can evacuate your vehicle with everything you need. Place all of the following in order to centralize your equipment and be sure to carry everything if the situation requires you to abandon your vehicle. I opted for a yellow backpack of 45L to locate it quickly and be easily identifiable, but free to you to use what you want.

Prescription drugs and Blankets

Keep at least three days of your prescription treatment in your car, especially if these medications are essential for you to stay alive or healthy. For people with diabetes, it is strongly recommended to bring an isothermal insulin kit.

Keep 2 wool blankets in your car at all times. As the wool blankets are voluminous, I recommend you double them with survival blankets and 2 thermal shelters to place in your emergency bag. Either way, both will work well to keep you warm.

Air compressor for tire pressure and Puncture kit

Having a self-contained air compressor allows you to check the tire pressure and adjust it if necessary. These devices connect to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket and help avoid going back and forth to the nearest station (stations offer less and less this service, by the way).

An anti-puncture kit comes in the form of a foam bomb to inject through the tire valve and lasts about 200km. This product allows you to close a flat tire to allow you to return home safely or to reach a repair garage. This is an essential that will allow you to get out of a bad step rather than waiting for a tow truck for hours on the side of the road.

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