If you have the opportunity, take driving lessons at specialized training centers, sometimes offered by your insurer. You will be amazed to discover the many tips to drive better every day and to adopt the right reflexes in case of unexpected behavior of other drivers.

Pay close attention to road intersections. Intersections cause countless accidents every day. As they approach, look left, then right, then left again before you go.

Good reflexes in case of breakdown or accident

You have a flat tire: try to get to a safe place at low speed. At the roadside, indicate your presence with your warning triangle, activate the warnings and put on your reflective vest. Then two options: mount your spare wheel, or use a puncture-proof bomb. There are even some that can permanently repair the puncture.

This video can explain it more:

You have had an accident: whenever possible, keep your vehicle away from traffic lanes. Here too, the triptych warning – yellow vest – triangle is essential. Keep passengers safe outside the vehicle. If there are injuries, it is recommended not to move them except in case of real danger. You witness an accident: Not providing assistance to anyone in danger can be punished with a penalty of 5 years imprisonment and a fine of up to € 75,000, according to article 223-6 of the Penal Code. You must also wear your safety vest as a witness. Stand ahead of the accident to warn other drivers. As a witness, give your contact information to the gendarmerie and explain what you saw, reassure and comfort the victims.

Things to check before you hit the road

The restraint system for children under 10 years of age: approved restraint systems must be adapted to the morphology of the child. They can only be installed on seats equipped with seat belts. The safety kit: every driver must be equipped with a complete safety kit that includes a retro-reflective vest and a warning triangle to the standards. The vest must be located close to the driver so that, in the event of an emergency stop, he can put it on before leaving the vehicle. As for the triangle, it must be positioned 30 m behind the car. It is strongly advised to turn on the hazard lights.

Other elements are not mandatory, but can be very useful. A puncture-proof bomb allows you to reach the nearest garage or gas station without having to disassemble the damaged tire. In the event of an accident, a fire extinguisher will be used to contain the beginning of a fire, while a window breaker will help you get out of the cabin easily. A model with razor blade allows to cut the seat belt. Finally, a flashlight can help, for example, to warn motorists in case of immobilization in a turn.

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