The techniques and methods to be applied to adopt eco-friendly driving when at the wheel of an automatic car are distinct from those of a manual car. In this article, the Nouvelle Route experts share with you these tips you can apply today for eco-driving at the wheel of a car.

Tips for consuming less with an automatic gearbox

Whether for yourself or for the fleet of vehicles belonging to your company, association or local authority, there are a number of easy-to-apply techniques for reducing fuel consumption when driving an automatic car.

Accelerate gradually: On manual cars, it may be advisable to accelerate quickly in order to stabilize your speed quickly and waste less fuel. With automatic gearboxes, the opposite is true. You don’t need to rev up to reach cruising speed. As the gears change automatically, you should accelerate gradually. What’s more, even if you push the accelerator pedal to the limit, your vehicle won’t accelerate, and your fuel consumption will increase drastically.

Choose the latest automatic transmission models

There was a time when automatic gearboxes were known to consume much more fuel than manual gearboxes. This is less and less true. The latest automatic gearboxes are much more fuel-efficient than their predecessors.

This video can explain it more:

If you decide to buy a car, it’s better to invest a little more and get a recent model. In addition to adopting eco-driving habits, your investment will pay for itself over time. Remember: when the time comes to buy a car, look at the vehicle’s year on the market. Over the years, manufacturers have had to adapt to more and more ecological standards, making car boxes more economical.

Choose the automatic D or Drive program

The auto gearbox system is not the same as that of manual gearboxes. If you want to learn how to consume less with an automatic gearbox, we strongly recommend using program D. D or Drive mode is the forward driving position. This is where the gears are shifted.

Some cars have a sport mode. Logically, if you’re looking to reduce fuel consumption, this is not the program to choose. Likewise, shifting into neutral is not recommended when driving. It tends to interfere with engine braking as the engine revs down. Remember: to reduce fuel consumption with an automatic gearbox, choose mode D and not mode S or N when the vehicle is in motion.

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