What accessories should you have in your car? Which ones make your life easier on the road? Those that keep you out of trouble? Or those that offer you extra comfort? And among all these car accessories, which ones are really indispensable? We went fishing for information and news, and we selected a handful of products that could make your driving time much more pleasant!

Useful accessories

These are not indispensable, but frankly, they are not far from it! Indeed, they are both useful, practical, and offer the driver more comfort!

The USB/Cigar Lighter Adapter: recharge your phone, or any other electronic device directly in your car? It’s possible, but you already knew that! Anyway, it’s really convenient, and it can serve you regularly, even daily. Thanks to the adapter that plugs directly into your car’s cigarette lighter, you can take advantage of one or two USB ports to charge your smartphone during your travels.

This video can explain it:


The phone holder and/or the magnetic holder: convenient if you use your smartphone as a GPS or follow the road traffic during your travels via an app, the phone holder allows you to keep the phone hanging on the windshield. Firstly, it’s convenient, it saves you from picking up the device every time you want to check your route, change your music or whatever! Secondly, it’s safe. The mobile fixed near the windshield allows to be checked in only one glance, which does not disturb the driver’s concentration during a too big lapse of time! This phone holder is fixed to the windshield with a suction cup, then you just have to put your phone on the adjustable base. Your cell phone is thus supported and well seen!

Battery cables

It happens to all of us, we get out of work, or we come back from a friend’s house and paf, we realize that we had forgotten to turn off our lights. Immediate consequence, no battery in the vehicle and impossible to start it! In these cases, there is only one thing to do, connect the battery to someone else’s in order to restart the engine. To do this, you need battery cables!

Indispensable although I hope you never use them, these cables could save your life! So a tip, always keep them in your trunk, just in case! As a reminder, don’t forget to connect the + with the red terminal and the – with the black terminal. Also, don’t forget that not all cars are compatible! Starting a gasoline engine with a diesel engine is possible, but starting a diesel engine with a gasoline engine is not!

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