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You spend time behind the wheel and you like high-tech gadgets? We have prepared a list of essential accessories for your car. What to guarantee your safety, keep busy on the road and stay connected in all circumstances. Here we go!

Accessory 1: the dashcam

More and more drivers are using dashcam for safety reasons. Usefulness? This on-board camera allows video recordings from the driver’s point of view. In particular, it is very useful for determining precisely the circumstances of an accident, especially in the event of a dispute. Time and place are also recorded: all this information is essential for your insurer. Running continuously, the dashcam is also a valuable ally in the event of a break-in, theft or torn-out rearview mirror.

This video can explain it:

The dashcam has asked many questions about legality: know that the use of this equipment is quite legal in France, which is not the case in Austria, Greece or Portugal for example. In France, everyone can film or photograph on public roads, but you cannot do what you want with these images. In the event of a loss, you have an obligation to inform the other party of the existence of this video.

Accessory 2: a Wi-Fi router

By car, a good internet connection is not always guaranteed and the passengers of the vehicle cannot enjoy their connected objects. Don’t panic! There are today new models of Wi-Fi routers, to plug into the cigarette lighter of your car. The device uses your own 4G network and converts it into Wi-Fi. Passengers can connect more than 10 electronic devices at the same time! Very convenient for surfing during long trips, but also not to start the Internet package of your phone subscription. As a bonus, these routers have a USB port that allows you to charge your devices.

The head-up display: Increasingly popular, the head-up display system connects via your smartphone or plugs directly into your car. The objective? It allows you to display on your windshield in real time all the useful information: speed, fuel level, etc. This ingenious equipment thus prevents you from having to leave the road with your eyes. What to drive safely thanks to this innovative dashboard!

The hands-free kit: the hands-free kit connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to answer phone calls by car via a mobile speaker. It can also come in the form of an accessory to plug directly into your vehicle to broadcast the sound on your car’s speakers.

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