This week, it is very hot and it will probably still be the case several times during this summer. Heat can be a problem for us on a daily basis. And it’s also the case in the car! But beware, there are mistakes not to be made when driving and it is too hot.

Here are the mistakes you make in the car when it’s hot

Do not ventilate: if you put the air conditioning directly into your car, it will take time before cooling your car. In reality, you should start by removing the heat, opening the windows briefly while you drive. You can then close the windows and turn on the air conditioning, by activating the air recycling option. Put the air conditioning too cold: in reality, the temperature difference between the inside of your car and the outside should not exceed eight degrees Celsius. Indeed, some people with circulatory problems may faint because of the change of temperature too abrupt.

This video can explain it more:

 In addition, not having a difference of more than five degrees Celsius is better in terms of fuel consumption, while being enough to cool off. To avoid a sudden transition from cold to hot, turn off the air conditioning a few minutes before leaving your car. Direct the air conditioning to you: the cold would help the virus responsible for the cold to trigger it. Therefore, even if it is very refreshing, avoid directing the cold breath directly towards you. This may also cause muscle pain, such as neck stiffness.

Keep a bottle of water in the car and leaving an animal or child in the car

It’s a good idea to hydrate yourself when it’s very hot, especially on long trips. But don’t leave empty water bottles in your car. The plastic will warm up and look like a magnifying glass. That is, the sun’s rays will gather as it passes through and the temperature then becomes so high that it could make holes in the seat. And, even if it’s less likely, it could even lead to a fire.

You shouldn’t need to call him back, but you should never leave a child or even an animal in a car when it’s hot. Even if your car is in the shade, you only leave for five minutes and you open the windows, the consequences could be catastrophic. Indeed, the indoor temperature can quickly reach 60 and even 80 degrees Celsius.

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