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Car insurance is for all drivers on French soil. It is a mandatory insurance. Indeed, its primary function is to provide financial assistance when a disaster occurs in connection with or through a vehicle. This can cover both road and off-road accidents. Insurance companies can offer contracts with various guarantees. Each contract must then be in line with the situation of the insured in order to cover it well. Thereafter, the compensation will be calculated according to several parameters depending on your car insurance

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Taking out car insurance is not complicated in itself. However, depending on some vehicles, it may be important to focus more on the subject. Especially in the case where the vehicle is intended for professional use. How to insure your professional vehicle in the end? Your own vehicle: First, if you use your personal vehicle to get to your workplace, there is nothing to change. Indeed, the majority of contracts count trips to and from work and sometimes include a business trip per week for an appointment for example. However, care must be taken not to abuse it. The day a claim occurs on one of his trips and the insurer realizes the abuse, he is entitled to refuse to compensate you. That’s why there are options such as «professional use», it costs you a little more, but you ensure a reliable coverage.

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The company car: If you own a company vehicle, the company pays the full cost of the insurance. You can also use it for personal use if the employer allows you to. This is a low-cost solution for businesses, and is often chosen to this day. This is true for self-employed entrepreneurs.

The guarantees offered by car insurance

You can benefit from different guarantees affiliated with your car insurance. Defense recourse: It is proposed in order to protect you in the event of a disaster vis-à-vis affected third parties or those responsible.

Driver safety: This guarantee is designed to cover you as soon as the insured person encounters physical damage. In addition, you often find a disability deductible. Civil liability: It is intended to cover damages caused to other users and their property. Broken glass: All your glass parts glass, retro, sunroof, windshield are covered in case of disaster. You can either advance the fees and send the invoice to the insurance, or go through an approved garage to advance no fees.

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