If you own a car, you must have car insurance, even if your vehicle is not driving. This is a legal requirement for any motorized land vehicle. It is this last word that matters: engine. A bicycle, which rolls with the power of your legs, for example, is not affected by the insurance obligation. On the other hand, a car, whether it runs on electricity or gasoline, must be insured.

Third-party insurance: the legal minimum to insure your car

Several levels of guarantees exist when it comes to insuring your vehicle. This is what allows you to tailor your coverage to your needs. Be careful however, you must subscribe, at least, to a civil liability guarantee, which covers damage caused to a third party. You can then add additional guarantees as needed, such as the driver’s personal guarantee, glass breakage guarantee, breakdown assistance, or even legal protection. If you are a young driver, insurance is also compulsory, but you will certainly have to pay a higher annual rate than the average.

This video explain it more:

This is intended to compensate for your at-risk driver status. Again, you must subscribe to a legal minimum of third-party insurance. A little tip, however, if you want a lower insurance premium: do the accompanied driving. Young driver or not, the best solution to find the insurance offer that suits you is still to compare the offers on the insurance market. Reassure me provides you with an online comparison tool. Easy to use, free and anonymous, our comparator takes into account your needs and your budget to offer you the best offers.

Is car insurance compulsory for a non-driving vehicle?

All motorized land vehicles must be insured, including when they are stationary. Indeed, it does not matter that you do not use your car, even unused, it is likely to cause an accident. This could be the case, for example, if there was a fuel leak causing an explosion or a fire. Another example: if the brakes of your vehicle parked on a slope were to let go… This could cause a material or human injury. If you are certain that you will not be using your vehicle, you can however take out an uncirculated insurance contract. It is less expensive than the minimum third-party insurance, but beware, the use of your vehicle under this insurance plan may result in penalties. If you really do not want to ensure your vehicle, a more drastic solution is to make said vehicle totally incapacitated. You will have to remove the wheels, the fuel and… the battery!

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