It is a fact that modern cars have a long-life span. Thanks to better designs, and engines that are much more reliable than those of the past, we are keeping our cars longer and longer. But beyond the intrinsic qualities of a car, its lifespan depends on many factors, and you have the possibility to perform regular checks and simple operations that will extend the lifespan of your car by several years.

Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and repair faults as soon as you notice them

While this may seem like an obvious tip, many owners intentionally or negligently skip some of the periodic maintenance items listed in their car’s service booklet. Although they may not seem useful or costly, regular car maintenance helps keep your car’s mechanics in good condition. With time and miles driven, a vehicle’s fluids, such as oil or brake fluid, get dirty and lose some of their properties. The same is true for wearing parts, such as brake pads and discs, as well as the clutch and catalytic converter. By following the maintenance plan for your car, you can ensure that everything works for a long time.

This video can explain it more:

An air conditioner that doesn’t cool anymore? A starter that is capricious? A steering that lacks precision? Don’t let these small defects set in, and take care of them immediately. First, because a breakdown never fixes itself. If you let it sit, it’s likely to get worse, and other components will be affected. Not only will you have to deal with more complex and costly repairs, but you’ll also seriously shorten the life expectancy of your car.

Have your bodywork repaired

Small everyday bumps and scrapes don’t necessarily have a big impact on a car’s safety, and they’re often expensive to repair. But keeping a damaged body part on your car can have more serious consequences over time. When a sheet metal part is devoid of paint and varnish, it will tend to rust. Once installed, it is virtually impossible to remove the rust, and it will gradually eat away at your vehicle, until it is simply ready for the scrap heap. Although this is expensive and time consuming, keep in mind that a vehicle in good condition lasts longer, and in the long run it can represent real savings. Get into the habit of using a scratch remover pen to remove scratches from your car.

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