Cleaning your car doesn’t have to be done with chemicals, which are potentially dangerous for the planet and for your skin. There are indeed natural solutions to make your car shine, whether it is outside or inside. What are they? Here are the seven most effective natural car products, selected for you by the Wash teams.

White vinegar and Black soap

White vinegar is undoubtedly the most effective natural product for those who want to clean their car. It can be used in many cases. It will be invaluable to wash windows and mirrors, mixed with hot water and applied with a microfiber wipe. The same goes for windshield wipers, to which it will give a second youth, and for rims, which it will polish be careful, however, not to use it if your rims are made of aluminum. Inside, it will help you remove stains from your seats.

This video explain it more:

Is your car body very dirty? Are you looking for a natural product to wash your vehicle and make it look like it did when you bought it? Use black soap: mixed with water, it will give you excellent results without too much effort. A little tip: for rinsing, use slightly vinegar water to avoid lime stains. Black soap will also be valuable for cleaning your tires. Apply it and scrub with a toothbrush, rinse with clear water, and admire the result.

Le bicarbonate de soude and the clay

Black soap can’t get rid of all the stains on your car body? Add a few grams of baking soda. This will give you a good chance to get a perfect result, especially if you use a sponge inserted in a sticker to scrub. In addition, baking soda will help you get rid of cigarette odors: put a little in the ashtrays, and the unpleasant scents will soon be a bad memory.

Not all air fresheners sold in stores are made from natural products. Nevertheless, it is possible to create one easily, with a clay pebble, on which you should put a few drops of essential oils – those that you prefer. Your 100% natural air freshener will be durable, effective and environmentally friendly.

Beef oil

Leather seats are a very difficult place to clean in a car. This material is very fragile: don’t try to wash it with water. The best solution, and the natural product to adopt, is undoubtedly beef oil, an oil made from the bones of cattle feet and shins. In addition to making your leather shine, it will nourish it, making it last longer and look like new. Again, don’t use it on the steering wheel and gear knob…

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