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The price of car insurance varies according to several criteria. This represents a significant part of the household transport budget. It can therefore be interesting to save money on your car insurance. To do this, we offer you a classification of the cheapest third-party, third-party plus and all-risk car insurance.

The cheapest third-party car insurance in 2022

Third-party car insurance is the basic formula in car insurance. Its coverage is generally limited to civil liability cover. The latter makes it possible to cover the bodily injury and material damage of third parties involved in a responsible accident. On the other hand, your material and bodily damage are not compensated if you are responsible for the loss.

The third-party formula is intended for owners of old cars more than 10 years old with a low market value. It may also be suitable for young drivers, impaired drivers and people who have an immobilized car. All the contracts displayed in this ranking offer civil liability cover and driver protection cover optional in the Better Insured contract. The latter is important because it allows you to obtain compensation for all of your medical expenses in the event that you have a responsible accident and are injured. The Commeasure contract is the one that offers the best compensation for your bodily injury.

What are the criteria that determine the price of car insurance?

The price of car insurance is determined using many factors such as the profile of the insured, the model of the vehicle, the guarantees taken out, etc.

Regarding the profile of the driver, the insurer will endeavor to determine the level of risk he will take by covering this person: does he have extensive driving experience? Has she already been insured as the main driver on a contract? Has it been responsible for claims recently? The bonus-malus coefficient offers an important indication of this driving history since, for example, it is necessary to have been insured, as the main or secondary driver, for at least 13 years without any responsible claim to benefit from a bonus 50 and thus see its premium divided by two compared to the reference tariff.

Another key element in determining the price of car insurance is the vehicle to be covered. The more powerful it is, the more it will cost to repair or replace and the more it will be coveted by thieves, the more it will cost you to insure. For a novice driver, the choice of vehicle is of paramount importance and it is not uncommon for insurers to refuse, for example, to cover a young driver if the vehicle to be insured is considered too powerful. Very often, the simple fact of changing motorization can strongly influence the price of insurance upwards or downwards.

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