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Insuring your car is essential for safe driving. For optimal protection, it is recommended to choose the best car insurance according to your profile and your situation. Lesfurets will help you select the car insurance that meets your expectations.

Why get good car insurance?

Since the law of February 27, 1958, any owner of a land motor vehicle must be covered by civil liability insurance or third-party insurance, the legally compulsory minimum car insurance, including if the vehicle in question is not registered or never used. The goal? Protect all third parties, including your passengers, in the event of an at-fault claim.

For optimal protection of the driver and the vehicle, however, you will need to opt for more comprehensive cover. Depending on your needs, the best car insurance formula may be third-party plus insurance or all-risk insurance, which guarantees you coverage for almost all the damage you are likely to cause to a third party or incur.

Which car insurance policy to choose?

Choosing car insurance depends on many criteria. Indeed, the profile of the driver is above all an essential criterion in order to choose your car cover. Do not forget that the choice of your insurance company as well as your car insurance contract must be adapted to your vehicle, that is to say its value for example, but also to your driving history, whether or not you have driving experience or whether you are more of a young driver.

Price is also an important factor in choosing your car insurance. All these criteria allow you to know if you will rather opt for all-risk, third-party or third-plus insurance. To find the insurance that suits you nothing better than to make an estimate on an online simulator with the comparator lesfurets

What is the best insurance?

There is no car insurance more interesting than another, it all depends on your needs, your budget and the guarantees you wish to take out. Yes, the most interesting car insurance for you is not necessarily the most interesting for another person.

In reality, depending on your profile, the value of your vehicle, its use, your place of residence but also your parking lot as well as your driving history, third-party car insurance, all risks or third-party plus will be more or less appropriate. It should be noted that beyond the amount of the contributions, other criteria must also be taken into account when choosing your car cover, such as the deductible, the provision of a replacement vehicle, assistance services, etc. The best thing is still to compare the offers!

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