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No need to worry about security gates, extra luggage like with the plane, or worse a canceled flight, but road trips still require some preparation! When deciding what to pack, remember that you can improve your consumption with a lighter trunk.


When you prepare the clothes to take, for the trunk of the car, avoid rigid suitcases that will take up too much space. Instead, use soft and smaller bags such as travel bags but also backpacks that you can fit easily between the rests of your belongings. If you plan to stop at the hotel, prepare a bag with just what you need for this night, what to sleep, what to change clothes, a toiletry bag and your medicines. If you are traveling with children, the trick will be to fit everything in one bag.

And if you have to leave luggage in the car overnight, be careful about parking and do not hesitate to take your valuables with you. The rest of your luggage, what you have planned for when you arrive at your destination, is in another bag or several, but try to place the belongings of the whole family in a small number of luggage’s which will take place at the bottom of the trunk. And will leave space in front for what you will use during the journey.


Since you will be sitting for long hours, comfort should be your priority. Choose clothes that do not tighten and textiles that allow the skin to breathe, such as cotton or jersey. Avoid jeans as some (thick) fabrics are uncomfortable and take a long time to dry if you spill something on them. Prefer dark clothes in case of stains or dirt. Plan breaks along the way. You know you’ll probably stop at places where it’s best to wear simple, casual clothes. For women, dresses or a pair of leggings with a tunic are great options. For men, T-shirts, sweatpants, and cotton twill are safe choices. If you prefer to wear jeans, you need light models and a dark color to hide any stains.


As with clothing, the comfort of shoes is a key element of the car journey and especially if you are behind the wheel. Avoid shoes that can easily come off, flip-flops and sandals that do not attach. Sneakers, moccasins and sandals with straps (without heel for women) are ideal for drivers.

It should also be borne in mind that some people have slightly swollen feet when they sit for long periods of time. It is therefore necessary to avoid shoes that are tight or risk cutting off circulation.

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