We will see here the essential things to know and the useful things to buy before leaving. Lots of practical tips and tricks supported by my personal experience.

Vaccines and what size backpack is it?

Some countries are prone to viruses or epidemics. For your own health, it is recommended to get vaccinated in case your destination may be affected by any of them. Some countries may also deny you territory if you come from a contaminated area. This is the case for some African countries with yellow fever. To date, I have never personally needed to do this but always check this information. You can find them for example on the country sheets guides of the

This video can explain it more:

The size of your backpack will depend on the amount of stuff you need. Generally, travelers prioritize a bag of up to 70L. You may need to aim bigger if you need a tent and down. In my case, I used to travel with this bedding and I hung my bivouac gear at the top or bottom of the bag before switching to extra-light equipment.

Travel light!

We can never say it enough: travel light! It is not uncommon on travel to cross backpackers with huge and overloaded bags on the back and sometimes they even have a second smaller one on the bust. In full knowledge of the facts, I can assure you that it is very restrictive to have 20 kilos on your back at all times and especially when hiking. I am a bad example because I have my work stuff in my bag I am cowherd in montagn but even if I am largely used to it, it remains a wound. The clothes are usually involved. You know, a sweater, 3 or 4 t-shirts, shorts and pants are enough. It is very easy to wash your belongings while traveling. There are laundry services in all countries and in emerging countries, there is almost always a neighbor on the street who can take care of it. I do so often in my hotel rooms.

You can already forget the cases you call just in case, they are usually the ones we never use and that ultimately clog us the most by taking up space and weight. It is recommended not to exceed 10 kilos for travel.


Outside Europe, taking out insurance is inevitable. Hospital and medical expenses abroad are obviously not reimbursed and as you can imagine, they are often very expensive, regardless of the country. We are never safe from an accident or an illness caught while travelling!

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