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Regular maintenance of your car is the key to keeping it in good condition. Not all maintenance operations can be done without a professional. However, regular monitoring can be provided by the owner of the vehicle himself without mechanical skills.

Control levels

Whether its oil, coolant or brake fluid, checking the levels is a simple operation that helps keep the engine running and avoid breakage or accidents. Just lift the hood regularly: Oil level; Open the cap and check the remaining oil level on the dipstick. It must always be between the minimum level and the maximum level. If you feel the level is a bit low, you can add oil. This implies always having a can of oil at home. Too much oil consumption should prompt you to contact a professional. Coolant level Same thing for the coolant level. Again, too much water consumption may be a sign that the cylinder head gasket needs to be changed. Brake fluid level, Power steering fluid level.

Generally speaking, a bit low level can be completed. But if it is necessary to supplement too often, the best is still to make an appointment at the garage.

Monitor the security organs

Good tire condition is an essential element for safe and secure driving. Their swelling should be monitored regularly. In addition, the tires have a wear indicator, to be monitored. A set of tires can travel an average of 50,000 kilometers if properly inflated. Be careful, if you notice irregular wear on one of them, this may be a sign of a parallelism problem. In this case, the garage can carry out a rebalancing or, if the problem persists, a change of ball joint or shock absorber.

In addition to checking the tires, the brakes should also be checked regularly. The mechanic can take charge of the control of the pads and discs during the annual revisions of the vehicle. It will also be necessary to consult it if the braking has faults or abnormal noises and squeaks. Lighting is also one of the safety devices to be checked regularly. Many drivers hit the road at night with a burnt out bulb. It is not insignificant that the Ministry of the Interior has launched a See well and be seen campaign.

Keep the bodywork clean

Icing on the cake, the cleanliness of the vehicle. A clean vehicle, both inside and out, is certainly more pleasant to drive. But above all, regular maintenance ensures that your vehicle will look good for longer. If you are not convinced, it is at the resale that you will see the difference. On average, a clean vehicle resells more quickly than a poorly maintained vehicle and the buyer is deprived of a reason to negotiate the price.

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