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Forex Tracer is automated Forex signaling and trading software.  It is designed to allow you to profit from the Forex market with very little work.  Forex Tracer is great for traders with little to no experience and also advanced traders.  The software makes sure that you pick trades with the lowest risk and the highest potential for reward.  You can read more about Forex Tracer by reading the full review below.  If you’re looking online casino australia for forex trading software that will allow you to profit without doing any work, you’ll be disappointed in this software and pretty much every other one as well.  While it won’t do everything for you, this software will automate the trading process so you can work as little as possible and still pull in profits.  Forex Tracer performs well on its own, but you will need to monitor the software every now and then for best results.

Ease of Use

Forex Tracer has worked hard to make the entire process from ordering and installing to running the software very easy for their customers.  Once you order the software, you’ll get detailed instructions on how to download and install it on your computer. The software is also easy to use.  You may need to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the software, but once you get the hang of it, you shouldn’t have any problems.

According to Forex Tracer users, this software does offer good customer support.  Unlike some websites that offer a phone number as well as an email address, you can only contact the Forex Tracer support team by email.  This would be the only downside if you prefer to get help over the phone.  However, many users reported that their problems were handled quickly.

When you order Forex Tracer, you also get the following free bonuses.

The Cherry Picker- These custom indicators were designed exclusively for Forex Tracer customers.  According to their website, the 2 indicators “work in conjunction with each other allowing you to pinpoint the start of a trend (either up or down) with astounding accuracy!” Up to $500 Bonus- Forex Tracer has partnered with a broker and worked out a deal so you’ll get up to $500 deposited in your live account when you set it up.

The price for the Forex Tracer software and the bonuses above is $97.  You also get a risk free 60 day guarantee.  You can try the software out for 60 days.  If you’re not satisfied, Forex Tracer will give you a full refund. Forex Tracer is a quality Forex software program.  Many people have used new online casinos usa it to bring in incredible profits.  Compared to other programs on the market, it’s not the best choice, but you could do much worse.  Also, the price is slightly high for what you get with the software.  Of course, the system is guaranteed, so there’s no risk to try it out for you.  You can always get your money back if it doesn’t work for you.

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