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Do you want to buy a car to take advantage of the thousands of kilometers of Highway of the United States? The automobile is the primary means of transportation for Americans. It is easy to get a car, but you have to pay attention to a few details.

Buying a new or used vehicle and Car dealer or individual?

It all depends on your needs. If you plan to stay a year in the United States, it is quite possible to find a used car between 3,000 and 5,000 dollars, which will satisfy your desires for road trips, without emptying your wallet. If you want a car like new but used, it is always possible to find very good deals from 6,000 dollars.

A car dealer is the equivalent of a car dealership in France. It is a way to make a purchase without taking too much risk, but the counterpart is that the bargaining power is weaker and you risk paying a high price. If you are ready to spend a few hours to find the rare pearl, it is possible to buy a car from a private individual. Some sites specializing in the purchase and sale of vehicles are very reliable. This is the case with, which lists more than 2.5 million used and new cars. Following the same operation, Auto trader makes it possible to find the rare pearl whether in new or used. Finally, Americans post many ads on the Craigslist site. If it is possible to do very good business there, beware of fraudulent sellers.

How to finalize the act of purchase?

After selecting one or more rare pearls in your city or region, you make an appointment with the individual who will let you test drive the vehicle. If the experience goes well, you can then discuss the price. Some people are willing to bargain and offer discounts if you pay cash directly. Of course, remember to take a good look at the condition of the car.

In some US states, flooding is common and sometimes people want to sell their car after the engine has been damaged during a flood. Then consider doing a survey of the surroundings, or coming with a second person to get their opinion. If you buy the car from an individual, he will then transfer ownership to you, so that the car is in your name.

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