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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant changes in the world of work. Although the situation is under control and the deconfinement has been gradually taking place for several weeks, many people continue to limit their movements and to resort to teleworking. So many owners leave their vehicles stationary for long periods of time, and the longer they remain stationary, the more likely they are to develop problems.

Things to check on a classic vehicle

Vehicles that are not driven for a long period of time can experience battery problems and risk being eaten away by rust in the brake discs. This is why it is strongly recommended that you take your car out from time to time for at least fifteen minutes to recharge the battery and allow the brake discs to remain lubricated so as not to accumulate rust. To avoid long-term problems, a check of engine oil, coolant and brake fluid levels is essential. You have to make sure it’s not missing.

Motorists who are not comfortable with the maintenance of their vehicle and who have access to a garage near their home can seek the assistance of an auto mechanic-repairer to check and adjust the manufacturer’s recommended tire air pressure. By having well-inflated tires and rotating them, it helps not to flatten them in certain places. Finally, do not forget to clean your vehicle regularly to protect the paintwork from the accumulation of dust and bird droppings.

Points to check on an electric vehicle

The graduates of our automotive mechanic training could be called upon during their end-of-study internship or their career to advise vehicle owners on how to keep their vehicle in good condition when they are stopped for a long period.

It is good to know that in addition to checking the tire pressure and carrying out cleaning from time to time to protect the bodywork, it is important to pay particular attention to the high voltage battery. The latter, which powers the electric motor(s), must be at least 10% of its capacity so that it does not drain during the time it is stopped.

If an electric vehicle is stored in a hallway or in a garage without being plugged in, it is important to have a charge level between 10% and 80%. This allows the battery to last for a period of more than 6 months.

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