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When you decide to change the tires of your car, you have to take into account the size of the rim. Indeed, if it is possible to a certain extent to change tire size without changing the rim, it becomes more complicated when the difference is too great. It is therefore necessary to respect an equivalence between the size of the rim and that of the tire at the time of the change.

How to change the size of your tires while keeping the size of your rims?

In theory, it is not possible to change the tire size of your car without changing the size of the rims. Indeed, if the inner diameter of the tire is larger, the rim will not hold in place, whereas if the diameter is smaller, it will not be possible to fit the rim in its location. Thus, when the diameter of the tires is different, it is necessary to change the size of the rim. On the other hand, it is quite possible to change certain tire parameters without having to change the size of the rim.

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You can thus modify: The tire width; The height of the sidewall of the tire; The tire’s load index it must always be greater than or equal to that of the original tires; The speed rating of the tire it must be greater than or equal to. Changing the size of your car’s tires can only be done within a certain limit. Indeed, if the difference in size is too great, the driver is liable to a heavy fine and to a refusal during the technical inspection.

How to know the size of the rims of your car?

If the rims are original, their size is directly indicated in the vehicle’s service book. You can also determine the size of your rims by referring to the inside diameter of the tire. Indeed, if the inside diameter of the tire is 19 inches, this means that the rim also has a diameter of 19 inches. The rim and the tire must have the same diameter since it connects the tire with the wheel hub.

Thus, it is almost impossible to change the tire size without changing the rim. The only parameters that can be changed are not related to the size of the tire but rather to its characteristics. As a reminder, changing a tire must comply with certain strict rules, which is why you should not hesitate to get good information before changing the tires on your car. In addition, do not hesitate to compare several garages to get the best price.

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