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Whether it’s an old car, a collector’s car or a motorhome, your cars also need to be pampered, even if they are sleeping in your garage. Indeed, your vehicle wears out over time, even if it is not used! Before immobilizing your vehicle, it is therefore important to carry out certain checks and manipulations which will allow you to find it in good condition after this immobilization.

Don’t leave your car outside and clean your car

The first question to ask is: where will you park your car during this period? It is strongly advised to leave your vehicle inside, away from dust and, in winter, from snow, rain and cold. Preferably, park your car in a heated and not too humid garage. If you don’t have a garage available, cover your car with a cover. In summer, this will protect your car from the sun, which tends to damage the seals and dull the colors. Throughout the year, it will prevent corrosion caused by humidity and atmospheric pollution.

this video eplain it more:

Once you have found the place where you are going to park your car, you will first need to clean it. It is very important to start by washing and drying the bodywork, especially if you plan to cover your car with a protective cover. Indeed, if the body of your vehicle is covered with dust and other dirt, installing a cover could scratch the paint. Also remember to clean your rims. If possible, apply a rust remover to your rims as well as other unpainted parts.

Also clean the interior of the cabin and the underbody, again to prevent rust and dust accumulation.

Ventilate the cabin and disconnect battery

Then, have the reflex to ventilate your vehicle. Failure to do so can cause moisture to build up inside the cabin and cause odors and mold. To avoid this inconvenience, leave your windows ajar to circulate the air. Be careful, it is better to lower your windows by only 1 or 2 centimeters so as not to let in dust or any animals or insects. Similarly, consider blocking the air intake and the exhaust, for example with a cloth. If you left your vehicle outside, avoid leaving the windows open! On the other hand, you can leave the ventilation ports open on the inside.

If you can, it is strongly recommended that you drive your car at least once every fortnight, or ask a neighbor or family member to do so. If you do not have the possibility, it will be necessary to carry out several essential manipulations. The first thing to do is to disconnect your battery to prevent it from discharging. Indeed, even when the vehicle is stationary, the battery is still used, in particular by everything related to the memory of the on-board computer car radio codes, clock, computers, etc.

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