To properly wash and shine your car, you need: Prefer hand washing; Use a microfiber cloth to scrub; Choose special bodywork polishes; Finish with a polish. Dry the bodywork with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

How to succeed in making your car’s body shine?

Even if cars today have very resistant paints and varnishes, do not think that you are exempt from cleaning. Especially if you want to shine the bodywork of your car! In the automotive field, polishing a car body is quite an art. This operation is essential to keep the shine of your vehicle for as long as possible, which is as pleasant for the eyes as it is for your wallet when you want to resell. But you still have to wash your car with care: improper washing can quickly lead to micro-scratches and dull the paint!

This video explain it:

Prefer hand washing: True car enthusiasts know this well. To obtain an impeccable result and not take the risk of damaging the bodywork, it is advisable to wash your vehicle yourself, by hand. Automatic systems have several drawbacks. Increasingly widespread, high-pressure water jet washing has now almost replaced roller washing. Less aggressive even if the synthetic materials of the rollers are much less harmful than before for the paintwork, high-pressure washing can nevertheless aggravate, in the long term, the small paint chips present on the plastic parts or the chrome. If used incorrectly, it can also damage seals. The problem? At the recommended distance, the jet is not able to fully clean the thin layer of grease and pollutants. In the end, this operation can therefore be costly for a superficial result. For all these reasons, it is advisable to wash your car yourself. But, of course, using the right products!

Which products to use to make your car shine without damage?

To properly wash your car, the method is just as important as the choice of products to use. Automotive specialists, Point S experts have designed a whole range of car care products: window wipes and cleaners, shampoo, plastic wipes, microfiber cloths, bodywork cleaners. By using these products, you can make your car shine in the blink of an eye and without any danger to your bodywork.

In any case, follow these few steps to make your car shine like new: To begin with, do not bring kitchen sponges to avoid micro-scratches but use specific gloves or a body wash sponge; Remember to wash the body cold so as not to dry the shampoo before rinsing. So, cool the hood with cold water if it is still hot or lukewarm; Before rubbing, thoroughly spray the bodywork with hot water.

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