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Now let’s take a look at some different betting strategies and staking plans using the exchanges, either on their own or in conjunction with the traditional fixed odds sports books. Suppose you wanted to back 1997 British Open Champion Justin Leonard to win the Buick Classic tournament on the US PGA Tour. The top price available is 80/1 (81.0 in exchange decimal odds) which we’ll say for the sake of argument happens to be with Betfair. Now using a staking plan of £1 per point you decide to have 2 points on Leonard at 80/1. That’s fine, however one alternative would be to place larger real money pokies online initial bet of say 6 points with the intention of lying off 5 points if Leonard is doing well in the first couple of rounds. Let’s say after two rounds Leonard is 3 shots off the lead and his odds have fallen to 40/1. You lay 5 points at 40/1 which means you now have a single-point bet on Leonard but at vastly increased odds of 280/1. Here is the maths:

6 points (£6) bet on Justin Leonard @ 80/1 = potential winnings of £480

5 points (£5) lay of Justin Leonard @ 40/1 = potential loss (if Leonard wins) of £200

This leaves an outstanding single point(£6 – £5) bet on Leonard with a potential profit of £280 (£480 – £200)

Odds = £280 / £1 = 280/1

So by increasing your stake, you’ve given yourself a chance to lock in huge odds on your selection; in this case 280/1 on a presently available 40/1 chance. That’s a 700% odds improvement, not bad huh! Of course, if the player performs badly, you’ve lost more money than you initially wanted to wager, so you must assess whether you’re prepared to risk the extra outlay. However I think you’ll agree, there’s enormous upside to this kind of staking plan. Incidentally, if you’ve ever wondered how some layers can afford to offer such generous odds on a selection, this is one reason why, they’ve already locked in huge odds for themselves and are now laying off to secure profits or even bigger odds!

One other thing to note, if you make your initial bet with one fixed odds bookmaker and then lay off the bet with an exchange, the exchange will require a deposit equal to your potential maximum loss on the lay selection, which in the above scenario is £400. However, if both the bet and lay are with the same betting exchange then the losses on the lay selection are covered comfortably by your bet on the same player. So, if the best price for any player pre-tournament is available with both a fixed odds bookmaker and a betting exchange, always make the bet with the exchange. That way, you don’t have to tie your money up. Now let’s take this scenario one step further. Suppose after the 3rd round of play, Leonard is lying in joint second, just 1 shot off the lead and his odds have fallen again to 10/1. At this point you are now in a fantastic situation. You can either:

Do nothing and just let the current bet run. You either win £560 or lose £2.

Lay off your outstanding £2 bet at 10/1 to gain a “bet to nothing”. If Leonard wins the tournament you win £540 (£560 winnings – £20 losses), or if Leonard loses, you break even!

You lay off a larger bet to guarantee yourself a win, regardless of the result. For example, you could lay a £20 bet on Leonard at 10/1. Now if Leonard wins, you win £360 (£560 – £200). If Leonard loses, you win £18 (£20 profit from the lay bet – your £2 stake on Leonard to win the tournament).

So that concludes my guide to betting real money online casino usa exchanges. I hope you’ve found it useful! As you can see, betting exchanges are starting to put the odds back in the punters favour. An account with atleast one and ideally all of the betting exchanges is an absolute must if you want to bet profitably it really is that simple.

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