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There is no car insurance that is best for all policyholders. On the contrary, there are many insurance offers and it is up to the policyholders to find the one offering the best value for money, whether they are looking for a first insurance or want to change insurance. Fortunately, the comparator is at your side to help you compare car insurers and find the one whose contract suits you the most!

What is the best car insurance?

This ranking of insurers is established each year by the specialized website
The Argus of insurance on the basis of the turnover excluding tax declared by each insurer. The turnover figures shown are specific to personal auto insurance and exclude fleets and two-wheelers. Remember, however, that this ranking is given here for information only and that it is wise to take into account other criteria which will be discussed in the following lines.

How to find the best car insurance?

When they compare insurance, all policyholders have the same objective: to find the best insurance for their car. But how to do it? First of all, you should know that the best car insurance policy is the one that best meets your needs, your profile and your vehicle, at the most advantageous rate.

Thus, the best car insurance for a young driver will not be the same as for an amused or senior driver. Indeed, the latter will not face the same risks or will not have the same needs.

What is the best car insurance for young drivers?

Strictly speaking, there is no better car insurance for a young driver. Be aware that given your inexperience on the road, car insurance rates will be very high. Insurers are indeed more reluctant to cover a novice driver, because the risk of accident is greater.

To save money during your first years as a young driver, we advise you to take a used vehicle. This will weigh less on your budget. In addition, your insurer will be able to offer you coverage adapted to your savings and your car, and lowering the amount of the annual premium depending on the model of your car.

 Indeed, if you choose a new or very recent car, your insurance will necessarily have to adapt to better protect you, and cover your car in the event of a problem. The prices will therefore be higher.

Now that you have your very first car, you need to find the insurance plan that suits you. For a young driver, several offers are possible. You can be registered as a second driver on your parents’ car insurance, which will save you from paying the high price to cover yourself, while gaining experience.

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