If you are proud of your car or if you like to watch the quality painting of a showroom, you know that it is easily damaged. Scratches, circles and other marks appear almost immediately if you are not careful. If you have a garage, you may have a box of wax and a microfiber cloth to help with maintenance. But there is a much simpler way to protect your car’s paint, which I will explain below.

What can damage the paint?

Before considering how to protect the paint of your car, it is good to know what you will protect your car from. Otherwise, you simply do something without knowing why you do it. In summary, the most common elements that can damage the paint are dirt on the car, weather conditions such as hail, sharp objects, bird droppings, stones on the road and UV rays.

This video can explain it more:

Dirt: Dirt, mud, dust and other particles can easily settle on the outside of your car. It is therefore important to always keep your car clean, so that dirt does not have the opportunity to damage the car’s paint. Weather: Extreme heat or cold can cause the exterior parts of your car to oxidize, causing the paint to deteriorate faster than normal. Winter weather conditions such as hail and heavy snowfall are also of concern. In addition to these snowfalls, winter showers are also disastrous for your paint, as the roads are filled with brine. Salt is one of the biggest enemies of car paint!

Why protect paint from cars?

Your car is an important investment and you want it to last. A paint protector helps extend the life of your car’s paint. Car paint is a beautiful thing. It’s the shiny exterior that makes your car look and feel valuable. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most easily damaged parts of your car. Car paint can be damaged, discolored or scratched by daily wear and tear. It is important to protect the paint from your car as it is an expensive part of your car. It’s also the most visible part, so if you have a scratch or bump on your car, you can’t hide it. If you take care of the body and paint of your car, it will last longer. This will prevent costly repairs and keep the car looking radiant longer.

A car cover prevents snow, hail and other weather conditions from damaging the car’s paint. In addition, if a branch falls along the car or if you just take a key out of your pants, it is also protected. If your car is often parked outside in the sun, a car cover is also a good solution. It protects the car paint against UV rays and also against bird droppings! More of that tenacious substance from the birds on your car.

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