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First point, the progress of the order with Ford and its network, very disappointing, no communication on the follow-up, I am told in an email that if I am not happy, I have only to cancel the order, and at the final there was 1 month of delay + a blockage in concession the day of the delivery because of the recall of the contactors of battery whereas an hour before the concession had made and sent me the gray card. Regarding autonomy, it is announced as 540km with 100%, in my case, I only recharge up to 80% by charging at home with an 11kw terminal and I have no use for my daily journey to charge to 100%.

I make a daily journey of 180km spread over mountain road at 1000m + countryside 1/3, crossing town(1/3, and Swiss highway at 120km/h 1/3.

Despite this hot summer and without using the air conditioning, it is impossible to exceed 370km of autonomy with 80% charge, yet the on-board computer gives me an average consumption of 16Kwh/100km and also at each charge, the Ford app tells me that I recharge 27kw/h in about 2h30 which would give 15KWh/100km

The energy cost

The driving aids are a horror; they are far too intrusive even at the minimum setting. Driving on cruise control with lane maintenance, the car even goes so far as to cut corners and white lines if you don’t hold the steering wheel firmly. If a car in front of you is less than 50m away and it turns without putting on a turn signal, the Mach-e displays a collision alert on the dashboard even if the camera detects an object too close to the edge of the road.

Road outside agglomeration. Recently, I had collision alert + automatic emergency braking while reversing because a car was detected 20m away. In short, personally I cut all these things because I find that the behavior is unpredictable and not very reassuring.

There is really only driving has a pedal which I find good

Vehicle comfort, I want to say what comfort? Soundproofing, air noise or vehicle furniture noise, no worries at this level. On the other hand, the suspensions are very too firm; it’s a real jerk certainly because of its 2.2 tons? The seats are hard and not enveloping in the lower back, you slide on the seat quite easily.

I kept my 2018 Kuga on the side for long journeys, comfort level is day and night, on the Mach-e, I can’t see myself doing 200km in one go. Because of the battery, the size of the vehicle is high and is supposedly part of an SUV, but in reality it is a sedan driving position, we are sitting quite low in the end. There is nevertheless room for the legs front and rear seats.

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